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10th Mar 2018

The Crew From 3fe Are Setting Up A New Location And It Could Be The Best Yet

Alana Laverty

I don’t think excitement aptly sums up how we are currently feeling about this news. 

You may recognise this chap, Adam Sheridan, as the manager of 3fe on Grand Canal Street. 

Whether you were ordering your green eggs and ham or a trio tasting menu, Adam, no doubt, served it to you with a smile. 

Well, brace yourselves. Because Adam is flying the nest and setting up a new venture in partnership with 3fe over in Harold’s Cross. 

Adam approached his boss, 3fe owner Colin Harmon, last year about wanting to move on and set up his own place. 

Colin’s reaction? “I’m coming with you.” 

And so, a year later, they have signed the lease to this beautiful redbrick building on Harold’s Cross Road, formerly The Brick House. 

3fe Executive Chef, Hilary O’Hagan Brennan, will be setting up shop in the Five Points kitchen for the next few months before handing it over to a new head chef in time for summer.

And we’re seriously looking forward to dishes as tasty and sexy as this beaut:

Colin describes this latest venture as:

“A wonderful opportunity to build another strong business, gain a valuable wholesale customer and all the while supporting one of our most talented alumni. Quite simply, its a no-brainer.”

And we couldn’t agree more. 

No opening date has yet been set.

So, until then…

Watch this space. 

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