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15th Mar 2021

The Harlequin vintage shop shares sad news that they’re closing after 28 years of business

Sarah Finnan

The Harlequin

Owners at Dublin’s oldest and most well-known vintage shop, The Harlequin Vintage, have confirmed that they won’t be reopening once restrictions lift.

Perched right in the heart of the action on Castle Market, The Harlequin has come to be quite a recognisable landmark over the years. A favourite with both locals and visitors alike, the boutique store is a treasure trove of vintage finds and, in pre-Covid times, it’s not often you’d pass by and find it empty.

As for most other business owners though, the past year has been exceedingly tough and owners have ultimately made the decision not to reopen even once restrictions ease – whenever that may be.

Closing their doors after 28 long years serving the people of Dublin, Fiona Smyth explained the decision with a lengthy Instagram post over the weekend.

“After 28 great years running The Harlequin vintage clothes shop in the heart of Dublin, we have decided that we won’t be reopening the doors when the restrictions are lifted.”

Now closed for just over one full year – with the exception of “a couple of brief periods” – staff said that while they understand why this was necessary, that doesn’t make things any easier.

“During this time, when our livelihood was taken away and with all the other worries we had, we also had rents to pay. I have huge respect and empathy for all the small businesses who are doing their best to keep going.”

Adding that they have had “time and space to reflect on things”, owners did say that they still have “big plans” up their sleeves and though the shop may be closing, thankfully, it’s not the end of The Harlequin altogether.

Going on to thank their mum for being the “trailblazer” that she is, Fiona finished by saying:

“I will miss the beautiful Castle Market, it has been a second home to me for a long time. The way the business community in the area has come together to support each other over the last year has been really important.

“Finally, thanks to all the customers who have supported us. I will miss seeing you and having great chats this business has always been less about money and more about passion for fashion and vintage. I hope you keep in touch through social media or just to say hi.”

Header image via Instagram/The Harlequin Vintage

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