The Paddy Power Shop On Baggot Street Looks A Little Different This Morning


If you happened to take a stroll along Baggot Street this morning, you might have seen a peculiar sight...

It appears that the Paddy Power shop and everything around it has been covered completely in bubblewrap, in preparation for the Ireland vs England match in the Aviva this Sunday. The bubblewrapping has also been accompanied by a sign reading 'Designated England Supporters' Betting Shop'.

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A spokesperson for Paddy Power said “It’s not that I’m anti-English. Some of my best friends are English. But you can’t deny they have sent us some bad eggs over time. Cromwell for example. He would have smashed up The Aviva if it was around in the 1600s. Us Irish wage war in a more subtle way. We just pillage their players and send them Louis Walsh”.

Let's hope this plays out in their favour over the weekend!

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

Fíodhna is deputy editor of Lovin Dublin and the Lovin Group. She's mad into music, gigs, cans by the canal and anything leopard print.