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There Will Be A National Debate Discussing ‘Barrys Or Lyons?’ At The Dáil In March

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While the whole world is partaking in some sort of political protest, outrage or downright dismissal – the Irish certainly know how to bring it all back to what’s really important.

A Facebook event has been created to do just that.

The National Debate: Lyons or Barry’s Tea has just hit our screens, thoughts and hearts as finally something relevant to our lives has taken to the forefront of the national agenda.

The event description on the page tells of the clean nature of that day ahead:

Right lads, we need to sort this out once and for all. Keep it clean
No Alcohol, Tea only ?

How responsible.

Sound like your kind of thing?

Of course it does. Well get your skates on, get your cups ready and let your voices be heard on March 15 at 9pm outside Leinster House.

See. You. There.

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