These Signs At Luas Stops Have Been Reminding Commuters Not To Be Total Dicks

Not that you should need to be told or anything...


We're taught from the age of about six that it's plain good manners to offer up your seat on public transport when it's required by someone old, disabled, pregnant or otherwise in need.

And yet, some people just can't seem to grasp this basic concept, and bury their head in their smartphones – or sit there in stoic, ignorant silence – when someone looks like they could do with taking the weight off their feet.

That's why this notice at Luas stops, spotted this morning by Emma Blain, is very welcome indeed.

And while we'd probably have gone with 'Don't be such an absolute dick' or 'Don't embarrass your mam', their phrasing is pretty nice too.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan