This Could Be Dublin's New Tallest Building And Here's What It Looks Like

'The Exo' would be located at the Point Village


Plans will be proposed today to construct Dublin's tallest office building.

'The Exo' building would be located at the Point Village, by the northside entrance to the Docklands, one of the few locations in Dublin that allow for high-rise structures.

The €80 million project funded by Nama, which would accommodate 2,000 workers, will have a 17-storey height.


Not much of a skyscraper, then

The building phase of this project would take two years and create an incredible 350 construction jobs.

Brendan McDonagh, chief executive of Nama, said that the project "is part of the extensive land area within the SDZ [Strategic Development Zone] connected with Nama and we look forward to supporting further significant planning and development projects within the SDZ over the remainder of this year and into 2016."

A slew of new retailers will open in the Point Village next year, such as Starbucks, Eddie Rockets and Piano Plus.

The 73 metre high structure will not only be the tallest building in Dublin but also the Republic of the Ireland, with the next tallest being The Elysian Tower in Cork at 68 metres.

Plans for the The Exo will be brought before Dublin City Council later today.

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