This 'Cuddle Party' Will Be Taking Place In Bray At The Weekend

Will you be in attendance?

Cuddle Party

Sometimes you just need a good cuddling to reassure you that everything will be A-okay – and this Sunday there will be an event where you can get that sweet, sweet snuggling fix.


It may or may not look exactly like this

A group known as the Irish Cuddle Salon are throwing a party this weekend in Bray where attendees can embrace people they've never met before in a totally non-creepy way. 

As the organisers say on their Facebook invite,

Craving human contact and connection? Want to learn more about how to ask for, negotiate, give/receive non-sexual touch in a fun, safe environment? [...] We will share kindness, compassion, and connection through touch resulting in a warm, safe, and empowering experience with your brothers and sisters.

Fun, eh?

Those in attendance are asked to wear comfortable clothing like sweat pants, loose cotton, or pyjamas; "think comfy, not sexy", they advise. 

It costs between €10 and €25 (depending on how much you'd like to contribute), and you can find tickets here. Don't worry, you will get enough cuddles for your buck: the event is three and a half hours long.

The party is limited to 20 people, so all you cuddle monsters out there need to act fast to guarantee a spot. It takes places on Common Ground, Beverly Studios, Church Terrace, Bray, at 1.30pm on Sunday, June 19.

Know anybody who needs this? 

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