This Deadly New Project Plans To Map Dublin Using Your Memories Of The City

Ready to share your dirty Dublin secrets?

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The cool dudes at Cheap Trick are in the process of making their second issue, and they need your help...

They're putting together a crowdsourced piece literally mapping out people's personal experiences of Dublin. Inspired by the Mapping Manhattan project, they want to create a collection of individuals stories, thus creating a collaborative portrait of the city, pieced together by the inhabitants memories. 

Using a blank map comprising D1, D2, D4, D6, D7 & D8 "because that's where most of the juicy stuff happens", Cheap Trick are calling on people to fill a map with their own associations of life in our fair city. 

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"Whether it's a trail of places you've lost Nokia 3510is or a guide to deceased nightclubs of a youth foregone – we want to know your version of city, as you see it or remember it. Think about the good times, the bad times, the morally reprehensible times and then spill it all onto the page."

Cheap Trick

Want to give it a go? Drop a mail to

The map will be going live on 8 April. We can't wait to see just how many canal kisses or 4am Zaytoon visits feature on it!

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