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20th Dec 2016

This Dublin Café Owner Posted A Horrible Message To Parents Of Crying Children


The owner of The White Moose Café is up to his old tricks again, this time issuing a horrible message to the parent’s of crying children.

Read it below.

Dear parents, If you cannot control your crying (screaming) babies, I will crush up some valium and put it in their…

Posted by The White Moose Café on Sunday, 13 March 2016

This isn’t the first time that owner Paul Stenson has pissed off customers with offensive statements. In the past he shamed a food critic who gave the café a bad review by posting CCTV footage of them eating, he banned vegans from the establishment claiming that they would be “shot dead at point blank” if they entered the premises, and most recently managed to get 25,000 negative Facebook reviews after stating that Brazilians were “good for sex”.

Stenson has defended his Facebook statements by claiming that he just uses social media for “banter”.

Someone obviously subscribes to the belief that all publicity is good publicity, and with a following of over 46,000, it might just be working.

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