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01st Aug 2017

This Dublin Start-Up Is Providing Sustainable Clothing For Ethical Fashion Lovers


Our world is changing, in the best ways possible, and it’s start-ups like these who are responsible for catapulting us into the future.

Dublin start-up, Nu, is a female-led start-up based in Dublin founded by two young women, Aisling and Ali, who love fashion. 

However, after spending time in India they started to worry about the impact their shopping habits were having on the environment and the people who make their clothes. 

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We spoke to co-founder Aisling Byrne who gave us the skinny on how Nu came to life:

”Finding out about these issues can often be daunting, and as college students with very tight budgets, we felt we couldn’t afford many of the sustainable or ethical solutions and we still wanted to enjoy fashion. We wanted to come up with a solution and so, Nu was born.”

Nu’s mission is to provide alternatives to fast-fashion. 

”We believe in looking good without the social and environmental costs.”

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For the past 18 months Nu has run creative fashion events focused on enjoying fashion in a sustainable way. They’ve run swap shops, panel discussions, upcycling workshops and documentary screenings. And they’re now bringing this concept online and are currently creating an online clothes sharing platform.

”As we started we began talking to so many people who felt the same way and wanted to be empowered to make sustainable and ethical fashion choices. Over the past two years, our team has grown from two to eight with much more attending our events and getting involved in the community.”

And that’s not all…

This September, they’re launching The Nu Wardrobe. 

This is an online clothing and accessory sharing platform initally starting in colleges so that students will have a sustainable and affordable alternative to fast-fashion and the high street. The Nu. wardrobe offers you access an unlimited wardrobe that’s convenient to use and completely affordable.

The wardrobe works like a social network, allowing students to share clothes with people in their college community. This extends the life cycle of clothes, reduces consumption and limits waste. Not only that, but you’ll save a pretty penny not having to buy new clothes all the time. 

Not too shabby, eh?

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For more information on what is set to be an inspiring move in Dublin fashion – check out their Facebook page right here, and keep up with these two inspiring ladies as they revolutionise what it is to purchase clothing. 

The Nu Wardobe kicks off this September. 

Photo cred: Rachel Loughrey & Kelly Levacher

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