This Is How Often Dubliners Wash Their Clothes, According To A New Survey

It also revealed the laundry habits that really piss off your flatmates

Smelly Socks

Dubliners' clothes washing habits have been revealed by a new study.

Conducted by the dry cleaning and laundry app, the survey found that 37% of Dublin's men and women have never washed their duvet or pillows. Dirty feckers.

25% of people admitted that they used the same towel for three weeks or more without washing it, while 35% had gone two weeks.

Men apparently take better care of their clothes, but they care less about their bedsheets and towels.

Towel Love

Never do this to a man's towel.

It was found that 77% of men pick their shirt colour based on the possibility of sweat stains, as two-thirds wear them to work.

Drying your underwear in the living room is not cool, says 77% of those surveyed, and 37% hated how their flatmates left their drying on the clothes horse for too long.

42% of women take sole responsibility for doing laundry at home, while only 19% of men do. 39% take it in turns.

Here's what people hate the most about doing the washing: the laborious aspect (36%), drying (33%), ironing (24%), and pairing socks (7%).

The biggest cleanliness deal-breaker for Dublin women was about bedclothes – 77% wouldn't sleep at a partner's house if their sheets were smelly.

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