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This Play In Smock Alley Tonight Lets The Audience Decide The Ending

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Feel like doing something different tonight? We thought so.

Good thing then that there is an incredible play showing tonight in Smock Alley Theatre, one of Dublin’s most stunning venues.

Home, written by playwright and actor Megan O’Malley, is a thought-provoking look at Irish abortion laws and was created with the hopes of starting a conversation with people on either side of the Repeal the 8th debate.

The play allows the audience to have its say, as members listen to a court case and the events leading up to it before privately voting. 

Megan says that it surprised her how many people still feel like they can’t talk openly about the abortion debate, adding that “if we aren’t communicating our concerns, we aren’t getting anywhere”.

The plot of the play sounds like it will be absolutely riveting – and a definite convo starter.

Imagine you’re a fresher. Newly single in the big city, you’re mad for two things: The Sesh and Tinder. Now imagine waking up with no recollection of the night before and your Tinder date is creeping out of your room because he thinks you are still asleep….

Home: The trial of Anna Kelly.

Anna is a first year college student who is on trial for allegedly defying an injunction put in place to stop her continuing with her plans to have an abortion. It is now time for you, the jury; to listen to the facts of the case and decide the verdict.

With over 60 Scenes, 10 Characters, 4 Actors and a verdict to decide, ‘Home’ will have you fighting to be on jury duty.”

It starts at 8pm tonight, and tickets can be bought here.

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