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16th Sep 2021

This rescue kitten named after Kelly Harrington is melting our hearts

Fiona Frawley

Kelly Harrington is officially Irish sporting royalty, so I suppose it was only a matter of time before people started naming their pets after her.

But this tiny rescue kitten truly deserves the name after surviving some tough times and coming out the other side. If you’re a cat lover, I’m just going to put a trigger warning right here. You will immediately want to adopt this little cutie – proceed with caution.

Kelly Harrington Junior was found in a state of distress with plastic tightly wrapped around her leg. The DSPCA team got straight to work and although her leg had to be removed, she’s fighting fit and well on the road to recovery. She’s obviously adopted the Hakuna Matata mantra, same as her namesake.

Speaking about the dotey kitten, DSPCA said:

She’s wobbly on her little paws but she’s not in pain. This little lady has her whole life ahead of her and now she can look forward to much happier times. We’d call that a win!

Little Kelly has already been lined up with a foster home but if you think you’re in a position to foster kittens in a similar condition, you can drop the DSPCA an email at [email protected].

Header image via Instagram/dspcaadoptions

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