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23rd Aug 2021

This zero waste grocery store in Dublin shows you how to be a good neighbour to the planet

Katy Thornton

Looking to shop with sustainability in mind? The Good Neighbour is there for you.

The hot word of the last few years has been sustainability, and for good reason. We’re all trying to change our habits for the good of the environment, and there’s lots of places that are making it easy for us. The Good Neighbour, located in the Dundrum village, is one such place.

This cosy little nook encourages its shoppers to bring their own reusable containers to repurchase their essentials such as pasta, rice, and cereal. Once you’ve gotten your fill, you weigh each container and only pay for what you have put in. You can buy in bulk or just what you need, it’s up to you!

They’re open on Monday to Friday 10-6, Saturdays 10-5, and Sundays 11-5. If you’re looking to change your shopping habits, this is the place for you. If you need some refreshment after shopping, why not pop into Relish, which is right next door, for a coffee or a juice!

You can read more about them and their policies on their website here.

Header Image via Instagram/the.good.neighbour

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