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28th Jan 2022

Bread 41 to move to a ‘keep cups only’ service four days a week

Fiona Frawley

shot of bread 41's keep cups - black and white canister like cups with "return" written on the side

The Pearse Street bakery have been on the quest to reduce single use since 2019.

From February onwards, Bread 41 will use only keep cups from Monday – Thursday each week.

The Dublin 2 spot first launched their Sustainable Monday initiative back in 2019, as part of which customers were encouraged to bring their own cup or vessel of any description for their takeaway coffee – if you didn’t have one, Bread 41 would provide a cup on loan. Unfortunately, the reusable cup initiative came to a halt during the pandemic as cafes across the country veered away from keep cups in an attempt to reduce the potential spread of Covid.

In November of last year Bread 41 introduced sustainable Monday once again, with a renewed request for people to bring their own cup, or rent one from Bread 41. They announced at this stage that it was their plan to be completely free of coffee cups in May of this year. This week they took to Instagram to announce that they would no longer be doing single use coffee cups for four out of seven days of the week.

The offer remains in place for customers to rent a cup if needed, but with a gentle reminder to return it afterwards too:

Bring your own, buy one of ours or rent. If you do rent, please please return it, we’ve had a lot not be returned and can only keep the scheme if you guys work with us as we move gradually towards being free of coffee cups May 2022. 

You can pop in with your own cup, mug, jar or whatever you’re into yourself from next week onwards.

Header image via Instagram/bread41dublin

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