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17th Feb 2017

You Can Now Buy Gin And Tonic Slushies In Dublin

Alana Laverty

We are as obsessed with gin now as we ever have been. 

It is the nectar of life and we need it on a drip in our arms. 

So naturally when we spotted this pouch of liquid heaven in SuperValu – we lost our shit. 

Img 2663


All you gotta do is pop it into the freezer to transform liquid heaven intoo slushie, frozen heaven.

They are described as:

  • Simply delicious and deliciously simple, discover a new frozen sensation with Gordon’s Frozen Gin & Tonic
  • No fuss, no mess, no stress – simply freeze, squeeze and enjoy!
  • Gordon’s Gin & Tonic combines the crispness of Gordon’s Gin with refreshing notes of Tonic Water in a perfectly frozen balance
  • Squeeze me until you feel me defrosting or run me under warm water. Drink me frozen and enjoy
  • Perfect to enjoy with friends, at a party or out on the go

Brb, leggin’ it to me closest SuperValue in search of twenty of these bad boys. 

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