You Can Now Get Deliveroo To Drop 3fe Coffee Beans To Your Gaff Or Office

Coffee addicts rejoice!

3Fe Coffee

Sometimes you just need a good cup of joe to wake yourself up in the morning. And for some, even getting to your nearest café can be a bit of a trek when there's no caffeine in your system.

What you REALLY need is good coffee in your gaff, and now you can get just that delivered to your home... 

The lovely crew at Deliveroo now deliver three kinds of 3fe coffee beans to your home. You can choose from Guatemala Finca Los Jocotales, Malarkey or Ethiopia Kebel Aricha, and they'll even let you pick your own grind setting.

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Plus you can also order Porlex Hand Grinders for €60 to accompany your delish new beans.

Porlex Min 1

Happy daaaaays!

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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