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There Was A Problem On The X-Factor Last Night That Was Embarrassing And Destroyed Two Performances

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The X-Factor is hotting up this year and there’s a special Irish interest in the show in 2018 because one of our own is in it.

Brendan Murray from Tuam has been flying the flag high for our country and thankfully he wasn’t performing last night when this happened.

About mid-way through the show, it sounded like it had been taken over by aliens and the sound went to absolute shit, as can be heard below.

It absolutely destroyed the performances of Danny Tetley and Anthony Russell who both sang their absolute hearts out in order to stay in the competition.

X-Factor did upload the live versions of the songs to YouTube, with the sound as normal, but it caused uproar on Twitter.

Not only did it jeopardize two of the performances, but neither Dermot O’Leary or anyone from the show apologised for the mishap.

A message did run on the bottom of the screen that said: “Due to a technical issue tonight’s tonight’s The X-Factor vote has been cancelled. It will open in tomorrow night’s show.”

And later on that night, an X Factor spokeswoman issued an apology to the public:

“We apologise for the technical issue that affected the sound on part of tonight’s episode of The X Factor. We are investigating why this happened.

“We can confirm tonight’s public vote has been cancelled and will instead open in tomorrow night’s show at 8.30pm on ITV.”

Chris O’Dowd won the night with his tweet about it though:

And if that news didn’t spoil your mood, then you were probably devastated to hear that judge, Robbie Williams, is leaving the show to go on tour and will be replaced by this music legend.

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