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08th Mar 2018

7 Classic Brunch Spots You Need To Check Out In Dublin


Let’s be honest, brunch is by far the greatest meal that’s ever been invented.

The best parts of breakfast mixed with epic lunch treats you don’t normally get to eat, always at reasonable prices and washed down with fresh juices, coffee and sometimes alcohol. Throw in the social element and the fact that it’s served at the weekend only and you’ve got a winning culinary combination.

Whoever Mr or Mrs Brunch is, I hope they lived a happy life because their legacy is one of my favourite things in the world. So with that in mind, I decided to lash out this list of classic spots in Dublin for a bit of brunch.

I’m starving just thinking about ’em…

1. Odessa

If you don’t listen to another piece of advice I share on Lovin Dublin ever again, please at least consider heading into one of my all time favourite Dublin brunch spots. The place always has a terrific buzz and just look at that picture.


2. Dillinger’s

While the brunch menu itself is pretty epic here, you only come here at the weekend for one item, and that’s the super nachos. It’s meant to be for one person only, but get through this and you will be doing well.


3. Whitefriar Grill

This place has made a huge name for itself with its incredible brunch menu, great casual atmosphere and super service. Be sure to call ahead to make sure you can get a table though, it tends to be busy.


4. The Exchequer

This gastropub loves serving up great big hunks of meat, and if you’re well enough organised you can order a roast beef in advance for four or a roast chicken for two, although you do have to place your order on a Friday. The rest of the menu is pretty epic too in fairness.


5. Herbstreet

This place is down in the docks and always busy with cool young European types from early on a weekend morning. They’ve all the classics, but I’d give their pancakes a whirl if you want something special.


6. 37 Dawson Street

You might be more used to dancing the night away in this late bar, but they’re super fast at turning the tables and getting the place cleaned up for an amazing brunch menu. All the dishes come served on big platters and it’s a hangover cure made in heaven.


7. Brother Hubbard

This rustic café with a unique local vibe just oozes relaxation at the weekend. All the classics are here, and great coffee too, but what I love is that there is always something for those on the inevitable health buzz as well.


Not enough choice for you? You can find more great brunch suggestions below.

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