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23rd Aug 2020

Anyone for a Wine Picnic box? These beauties are now available in Dublin

Megan Cassidy

The ‘remote dining’ phenomenon is reaching new levels of creativity.

You can’t fault the imagination of the Dublin hospitality sector, with cafes, bars and restaurants going above and beyond to ensure that we can still enjoy unique and delicious foodie experiences at a safe distance.

The introduction of a ‘Picnic Box’ from Franks wine bar on Camden St is the latest addition to the remote dining scene, and is the perfect Sunday afternoon outing for two.

Frank’s is a go-destination for wine-lovers, and the casual vibe with small sharing plates make it the perfect midweek treat with a colleague or old friend.

The beauty of Frank’s is that the menu changes daily, and their new picnic boxes are no different.

Announcing the boxes back in early August, they wrote:

‘We’ve put together a bespoke picnic box full of Frank’s snacks for you to enjoy with a glass of wine. The snacks will change weekly, but to give you an idea this week we have Eimhim’s Bombay mix, rhubarb chutney, mackerel rillette, Coppa, Boyne Valley blue, sourdough, crackers and homemade pickles.’

Sharing the news on Instagram, they noted that the boxes are available for dine in or takeaway.

‘What’s inside changes all the time so just pop in to the shop and the lads will give you the lowdown!’

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