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Bubble Waffle Is The Latest Global Dessert Trend – And They've Just Hit Dublin

How amazing does this look?

If you've never heard of bubble waffle, don't worry, neither have 99% of the Irish population, but you're sure to hear those two words a lot over the next few years. 

It's the big dessert trend sweeping foodie hot spots around the world at the moment, and you can see on Instagram just how excited people are about it.

Originating in Hong Kong, the bubble waffle can best be described as something between a waffle and an ice cream cone. They're filled with fruit, sauces, ice cream and various toppings that blend perfectly with the chewy texture of the bubble waffle. 

And they look like this...

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And the really good news for everybody is that you don't have to travel abroad to get them anymore, because Dublin-based dessert venue Sweet Republic have just started serving them.

As you can see, they look absolutely amazing.

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We can describe them as vividly as you could ever imagine, but the only way to get the full bubble waffle experience is to get down there and start stuffing your mouth with them.

Get stuck in.

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