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03rd Jan 2023

Chestnut Bazaar food yard ‘forced to close’ on Clanbrassil Street

Katy Thornton

chestnut bazaar close

They will be a missed part of the Dublin 8 landscape.

After months of petitions to stay open, the Chestnut Bazaar food and street yard on Clanbrassil Street has been “forced to close“. They took to Instagram to say farewell to mark the occasion and say farewell to their vendors and regular customers.

“It’s a shame we have been forced to close but it was great while it lasted. We hope meanwhile use spaces become more commonplace and that their value to all involved is recognised and supported.”

Vendors of the Chestnut Bazaar included The Barrel Sauna, Ama Acai, Bish Bosh Kitchen, Dom Burger, and more.

In November Chestnut Bazaar appealed to the public to sign a petition to keep the yard open. Their plea at the time read as such:

“Unfortunately we have been told we need to close this year or legal action will be taken. The meanwhile use and rejuvenation of vacant spaces is addressed throughout the Dublin City Development Plan but there is no suitable or meaningful process for grassroots groups to do so.”

They argued that the yard has had a “positive impact” on the area, and should be allowed to continue; Chestnut Bazaar say they don’t want to see it “empty and lifeless“. Unfortunately despite their best efforts, the food and street yard has officially closed.

Header image via Instagram/chestnutbazaar

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