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20th Jul 2021

4 places you can pick up a Biscoff Latte in Dublin

Fiona Frawley

We all love a good coffee trend, and biscoff lattes have been having a moment recently.

I’ve loved these little Belgian biccies since my introduction to hospitality work way back in the early noughties, when everything was still in black and white and TikTok was just a song by Kesha. Sneaking a few of them from the tea station at work to get through a shift was a rite of passage. But since the recipe for a Biscoff Latte went viral on Tiktok , I’ve been seeing them pop up in cafes everywhere and not just as a lil freebie tucked onto your cup and saucer. They’re now part of an indulgent icy treat that everyone’s going mad for and it’s easy to see why, they’re fairly delish. If they seem like your vibe, here are a few spots for you to pick one up in Dublin this weekend:

1. V-face in Stoneybatter

This delish plant-based burger spot in D7 has a vegan version of the biscoff latte and she looks fairly stunning.

2. The Coffee Post, Sandyford

We’ve covered this biscoffy bad boy in more detail in another article, but it deserves another shout out.

3. The Coffee Been, Lucan

They’ve even got the biscoff sauce to drizzle on top, so you know they’re serious.

4. Bearlemon, Drumcondra

Another delish vegan option, this time with an ice cream twist. The thought of one of these babies in the sun has me feeling emotional tbh.

Did we miss any biscoff spots out? Let us know! In the meantime go in peace and enjoy the sweet icy deliciousness.

Header image via Instagram/Bearlemon

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