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23rd Jul 2021

Another day, another boozy iced latte to enjoy in the sun

Fiona Frawley

Sure we can’t get enough of them!

This one comes from the guys at The Cake Cafe just off Camden Street, and their beautiful courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy it in.

We love Baileys in any form – cheesecake, profiteroles, in a wee glass at nanny’s house, just lay it on us. A Baileys coffee is the ultimate treat once those winter nights creep in, and while we’re as far from winter now as we’ll probably ever be The Cake Cafe has created this stunning iced version for us. Baileys, coffee, whipped vanilla cream and caramel all over ice. Truly, can you cope?

They’ve also been catering to the needs of sweaty Dubliners everywhere with delicious, refreshing summer salads, which couldn’t be more ideal for this weather.

They’re open from 10-6 tomorrow so if you’re looking to lap up the last of the heatwave with an alfresco brunch in a dreamy city setting, look no further.

Header image via Instagram/The Cake Cafe

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