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13th Jul 2021

Nature is healing! You can now use your reusable coffee cup at one of our fave Dublin cafes once more

Fiona Frawley

The pandemic has obviously been difficult for many reasons but one ripple effect has been the impact it’s had on the environment, and the ways in which we practice sustainability.

Single-use everything became the norm – masks, gloves, anti bac wipes and so on, and many of our favourite cafes made the decision to stop the use of reusable cups in an attempt to avoid cross contamination. It was fair enough, we were all trying to stop the spread however we could.

But now many cafes are finding a way to place your all important morning brew into your reusable cup without actually touching it, and we’re delighted to see Meet Me in the Morning on Pleasants Street is one of them.

We love to see it! We can continue to do our bit to limit our single-use consumption, and all we have to do is make sure our cup is clean. A very fair trade off.

There are a few other cafes around the place that are accepting reusable cups once more, including Thru the Green in Windy Arbour (for walk-up customers for now) and Perch on Leeson Street. So you know where to hit up if you’re looking to put your sustainable hat back on!

Header image via Shutterstock

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