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12th Jul 2021

There’s a colourful new cafe to hit up in Malahide

Fiona Frawley

There’s nothing like the thrill of discovering a new coffee shop.

A new place to visit with pals on the weekend, a new place to reward yourself after a morning walk or swim, a new place to sneak off to on your lunch break for a cheeky flattie. With that said, say hello to Blink Coffee, the latest addition to Malahide Marina.

After you’ve discovered your new spot, you need to hone in on the details. Most importantly, how aesthetically pleasing is this place? Will I be able to hold up my coffee against a cute and colourful background that’ll brighten up my gram? Well, I can confirm it’s good news in that department:

This brings me on nicely to my next point. Blink are doing their bit for the environment by serving their drinks in 2GoCups, reusable cups that you can give a deposit for, then return it the next time you come back for another coffee. That way there’s no waste, and you can enjoy your brew guilt free. Ideal tbh.

There’s also the obvious perk of being located in the heart of Malahide Marina, with gorge sea views all around and your choice of walks or spots to just sit and chill.

Do you really need more convincing? I have just the thing.

Puppaccinos for the special pupper in your life, delicious Bell Lane coffee and toasties for you. The combo of dreams to be perfectly honest. The weather’s set to be unreal this week, making it the perfect time to pay these guys a visit! Enjoy pals, enjoy.

Header image via Instagram/Blink Coffee 

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