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11th Aug 2021

There’s a new cafe to hit up in Dublin 7

Fiona Frawley

Dublin 7 is home to some of the most painfully cool cafes in the city, and this new spot on King Street North looks to be no exception.

A Stór, or “a treasure” as bearla just opened officially today and is instantly giving us gorge kitschy vibes. It’s like a 1950’s ice cream shop but instead of an extra from Grease behind the counter it’s an Aran jumper-clad barista creating some serious latte art magic through the medium of oat milk. We assume. It’s located inside Asian diner and cocktail bar Soup Two – a firm foodie fave on Dublin’s north side – and the cute blue and red vintage sign catches your eye straight away.

Inside, there are more delights to discover, including delicious speciality coffee from Belfast roasters Bailies Coffee (our eyes always light up when we see their colourful retail bags in Dublin cafes – instant indicator of a tasty spot), sweet treats and overnight oats. They’re open Tuesday to Saturday, 8am-4pm. Pop in when you can and live your best main character life with a speciality flattie and a cheeky selfie amidst their beautiful decor. It’s what life is all about gals.

Header image via Instagram/A Stór

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