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22nd Jul 2021

This iced coffee with a twist is an absolute NEED for this weather

Fiona Frawley

When a heatwave hits Dublin, the only thing we crave more than lobbing ourselves  into the sea is a delish iced coffee.

And when the weather is giving off such strong holiday vibes, your caffeinated bev needs to do the same. Which is why we’re just going to leave this here:

Besides being iconically named, the Malibu Barbie is pretty much everything we could possibly want on a hot day. It’s like a piña colada, but the shot of espresso makes it socially acceptable to drink it in the middle of the day. We all know Wigwam are absolute experts when it comes to cocktails, combine that with delicious Vice coffee and you’re onto a winner, my friend. If coffee isn’t your thing, you can still live your best malibu life at Wigwam with traditional piñas, mojitios and Bahama Mamas (I don’t have a clue what’s in them and tbh, I don’t need to. Already sold).

Get into Wigwam this weekend and enjoy one of these while the sun’s still gracing us with her presence! It’d be rude not to, girlies.

Header image via Instagram/Wigwam 

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