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24th Mar 2018

Five Guys Is Opening ANOTHER Dublin Location In The Near Future


Many an enlightened wanderer has returned to Ireland after their J1 with tales of the legendary Five Guys fast food chain and its almost supernaturally scrumptuous burgers.

For a long time it was a mere myth round these parts, but then Five Guys set up shop in Dundrum Town Centre and folks were queuing around the block to get their grubby paws on that sweet, sweet meat.

While the hype soon died down for their initial Dublin location, we predict more gargantuan queues on the horizon, as the US burger behemoth has just announced they’re setting up another location in Dublin…

They’ve yet to announce where their new location will but they’re just beginning to start the recruitment process for staff, so we should be getting an update very soon indeed.

If you’ve never experienced it for yourself, the fast food joint’s menu includes a small selection of burgers (regular, cheese, or with bacon), hotdogs (also in regular, cheese, or bacon), fries cooked in peanut oil (regular or Cajun-style), and sandwiches (BLT, grilled cheese, and veggie). 

Are you looking forward to this new addition to Dublin’s burger scene? As always, let us know what you think in the comments.

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