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21st Oct 2019

Five mouth-watering dishes you can indulge in this week

Alan Fisher

The weather is getting slightly cold and we need something to keep our spirits up.

What more comforting than a delicious warm gnocchi dish or juicy burger?

Nothing. Nothing is more comforting.

Here are five savage dishes you should tuck into this week:

1. Gnocchi with Sage Butter

Sprezzatura opened up earlier this month and we got to get a first look.

It was incredible and the Gnocchi with Sage Butter blew us away.

Take a look at the video we made for our Early Doors series:

2. El Toro Famoso

Each month Bujo Burger has a burger of the month and this months edition looks ridiculously good.

Chilies, jalapenos, sriracha, cheese, and chargrilled beef.


It is also their second birthday this week so get down and support a great burger joint. The best in Dublin, some would say.

3. Carvery

Not just any carvery but, the delicious carvery that FXB serves up on a Sunday.

Honestly, it’s one of the best we’ve ever had.

Two perfect pieces of beef, roast and mash potatoes, roasted carrots and tenderstem broccoli, and of course, a gigantic Yorkshire pudding topped with gravy.

It’ll cost you €17.50 but it’s definitely worth it and the photo does not do it justice:

4. Banoffee Pie Dumplings

Yeah, I’m not joking.

I was a bit concerned when I was told about them but by god they were good.

A mixture of crushed banana and warm caramel on the inside oozes out when you take your first bite. They are also sprinkled in salt which gives them an extra bit of mouth-watering goodness.

We checked out the place for our Early Doors series:

5. Braised Lamb Pot

Head down to Dylan McGrath’s latest creation to find this dish.

Again, we got to check it out when it opened a couple of months ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

It could be the nicest dish I’ve ever tried and it’s accompanied with a big bowl of creamy mash potato topped with a drizzle of pesto.

Like, just look at the cheese being melted onto the lamb pot: