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13th Aug 2021

Friday night plans still tbc? Here are a few of our fave Dublin spots with tables available for the weekend

Fiona Frawley

Ahh we love a good spur of the moment night out. Makes us feel alive.

We don’t love the scramble to try and find somewhere to go though. You’ve worked hard all week, you don’t need to be stressing yourself out further by getting into the never ending back and forth of “I don’t mind where we go”, “you pick, I picked last time” – before you know it it’s 11pm and you’re in front of the tv with a frozen pizza, lamenting the night that could have been.

Logic says maybe you should have planned the night earlier in advance, but we don’t care about logic here. All we care about is tasty food, a cocktail or three and a chance for you to show off your cute Friday night outfit. Luckily some of our favourite spots in Dublin still have space available for the weekend, so last-minuterella, you SHALL go to the ball.

1. Delahunt, Camden Street

Classy, welcoming and delish, there’s space for you to live your best modern day Victorian life this weekend at Delahunt’s indoor or outdoor dining areas.

3. Loose Cannon, Drury Street

There’s many a night I’ve happily sat on the ground outside Loose Canon nursing a clean crisp rosé, but they’ve got tables and chairs now and they’re available for walk-ins.

3. L’Gueuleton, Fade Street

Walk in spaces available this weekend for tasty dishes such as this Carlingford Crab creation and the creme de la creme of Dublin people watching.

There you go now sweetie, get your glad rags on and get out there.

Header image via Instagram/Delahunt 

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