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12th Feb 2021

Glovers Café appeals for help after storefront continuously vandalised 

Sarah Finnan


Asking the public for their help, owners at local Bray coffee spot Glovers Café have reached the end of their tether.

Continuously arriving into work to find glass bottles and other debris littering the outside of the shop, it’s clear that the whole thing has taken its toll.

Venting their frustrations on social media this morning, the team shared a lengthy message over on Instagram, writing:

“Do people honestly have nothing better to be doing? Small businesses are struggling as it is without having these low life losers making it harder. Going into work first thing & finding something to clean up every morning is a disgrace and can really impact your day.”

Commenting that they have put in “huge time, effort and money” into the appearance of their business, owners admitted that the past few months have been “hard”.

Appealing for anyone with information on the matter to slide into their DMs, the Glovers Café team is hoping to find out who’s responsible and finally put an end to the whole thing.

Header image via Instagram/@glovers.no7

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