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03rd May 2022

‘It is not our job to clean up after you’ Malahide café laments littering

Katy Thornton

malahide café littering

Taste of the Med shared footage of the rubbish left at their café.

Malahide café Taste of the Med took to Instagram to lament the littering that consistently occurs onsite. The health conscious brunch spot has outdoor seating, which is left in disarray after they close each evening. Taste of the Med shared images and videos of the mess left one evening; this showed takeaway boxes, bottles, cans, and more, despite the sufficient bins available on site.

Taste of the Med captioned their post as such, venting their frustration:

We have set up a security camera in our restaurant in an effort to reduce the amount of rubbish left behind at our benches every evening. Despite the bin in our parklet and the many bins around the village there is still a disgraceful amount of takeaway food boxes and general rubbish left behind here every night and our staff are left to clean it up in the morning. It is not our job to clean up after you and we have no problem with posting footage of the people who leave this behind if necessary. Please have some respect and clean up after yourself so everyone can continue to enjoy our outdoor seating area.

The café has installed cameras with the hope that this will deter people from littering in the future.

You can find the Taste of the Med café in Malahide on the Main Street. They open Monday through to Sunday from 9:30am to 5pm.

And if you’re going to make use of their outdoor seating, make sure you just tidy up after yourself.

Header image via Instagram/tasteofthemed_malahide

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