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28th Jun 2024

2 openers and 1 soft launch to be aware of in Dublin this week


It’s all go here in hospitality-land

Most inhabitants of the city are a-quiver at the prospect of spending this particular weekend in Dublin. Few can remember a time when so many events were taking place at the same time, a smorgasbord of Pride, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Longitude and the GAA quarter-finals. In the lead up to this oh-so-action packed weekend, there has been a flurry of activity in the hospitality end of the house.


Lar Cafe, Stillorgan

Stillorgan have just welcomed in a brand new coffee shop, named Lar Café. Located on Lakelands Road where the dog-groomers Woof ‘n’ Ready used to scrub pups from. Describing itself as “the centre of happiness for all coffee lovers” the spot is serving up a very sweet selection of waffles, cakes, with some sandwiches thrown in for good measure.

Bread 41, Greystones

The good people of Greystones will be absolutely spoilt for choice during their morning coffee run, with the all-new Bread 41 opening Friday June 28th after several months of teasing. The team have lovingly converted the old Davis Motor Garage into an expansive bakery and cafe. Fans of the early risers will find a hit list of sourdough, sweet and savoury pastries from their Pearse Street coffers, coffee from Never a Days Trouble Coffee Roasters and an impressive space to meet up, read or catch up on some work.


Achara, Aston Quay

The team behind the recently closed Happys on Aston Quay, are bringing out a brand new concept on the same site. Gone are the colourful cocktails, fast food and Queens, heralding in a charcoal grill that will be sizzling up family style Thai food. It’s an unsurprisingly meat heavy menu, with some solid seafood options and a veg item thrown into the mix. The team are in the process of soft-launching this week, with the officially opening date expected to come next week.

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