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31st May 2024

3 openers and a lil reopen to be aware of in Dublin right now


Piping hot food and drink news coming attchaa

It’s been a busy week in food and drink news, with plenty of big news events hitting our desks. Another day another news of a devastating break-in hitting hospitality businesses with Dylan Bradshaw and KC Peaches both reporting incidences in their respective premises over the last few days. There was some poignant industry news in the form of Irish Times food and drink stalwart Marie-Claire Digby announcing her retirement after an incredible 40 years in the publication. Plus a smorgasbord of really exciting openers and a lil reopened thrown into the mix this week:


Pickosito Taqueria, Mary Street

Can we get an ole, for the opening of Dublin’s first north Mexican taquería which opened up on Mary Street recently. If you like me had to Google what Northern Mexican food is like as opposed to regular Mexican food, it would be the food that we all know and love from the country like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and enmoladas. With an emphasis on large flour tortillas and beef, refried pinto beans, and Spanish rice with a bit of dried meat thrown in. This spot looks incredible, authentic is the keyword here, with the flour tortillas prepared from scratch and by hand.

The Good Neighbour, Castlewood Avenue in Rathmines

As the saying that your Granny probably uttered goes, a good neighbour is a priceless treasure⁠. Making the good people of Rathmines luckier still. Taking over from the space previously occupied by The Source Bulk Foods, the team led by owner Jess Dollinger have relocated from Dundrum. The shop offers over 700 bulk and package-free products including spices, pasta, grains, coffee, peanut butter and loads more.

Sultan’s Grill, Dublin 1’s North Lotts

Full disclosure, Sultan’s Grill opened up a couple of weeks ago it’s just coming to our attention now. The clean and bright space is just a trot away from the Spire, so it’s handy one to keep in the backpocket. Promising some of the best Turkish food in the city, paired with a wood-fired oven the team are scratch making Turkish classics like lahmacun, chicken pide, Turkish style breakfast (served with limitless tea!). While it’s not a vast menu, what they do they do well and it’s all reasonable priced (considering this is Dublin after all). We can’t wait to pop in and have a poke around the dessert section, which looks incredible.


Juniors, Bath Avenue

D4 heads will doubtlessly be buzzed that the dinner menu has returned to Juniors, after a few weeks of attempting to satiate themselves with just sambos. Following a couple of weeks of renovations, the team are back putting dinner onto the tables, promising a new seasonal menu of “old classics along with many new twists”, in the form of seared tuna with virage sauce, Summer lamb rump, aged hanger steak and loads more.

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