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05th Jun 2024

Say tweet-tweet to Sunbird, Leopardstown’s sunny new cafe


*Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like a Bird” plays *

It’s great to see so much building going on around the place with plenty of new towns popping up and more established ones being added to. After all, we are in a housing crisis and have never needed accommodation more. With all these new spots popping up, there are enough amenities to cater to the new folks coming in. First and foremost schools, doctors, dentists, green spaces, community centres and shops are crucially important but cafes, restaurants and bars are also hugely important. While not having them might not seem like a massive inconvenience. Heading out for your morning coffee, bouncing for your lunch or ducking out for dinner in your local area can make you feel more embedded in your community and give you a greater sense of place within it.

While Leopardstown is definitely not a new place, it is certainly in the process of being redeveloped. Being so close to town (a mere Luas away) it’s fast becoming a handy place to live. Seeing indie spots like Sunbird pop up in there, is a great sign that the community in Leopardstown is only going to bloom. Set near the Green Line Luas stop, in a place that gives a nod to the Big Apple Central Park.

Catering to the busy lunchtime market (with the likes of Bank of America, Sage, Salesforce Vodafone having offices there) the menu takes in breakfast and lunch. Promising Middle Eastern flavours, there are some interesting items like a Lebanese breakfast tray, labneh, avocado hummus and loads more. There’s the option to “build your base” lunch option whereby you choose your base, protein, toppings and sauce.

You can find Sunbird in Central Park (near the Luas stop), Leopardstown, for more info click here.

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