'It is unavoidable' Dublin café forced to remove meat from their sandwiches

By Katy Thornton

January 27, 2023 at 4:50pm


Pulled chicken, pulled pork, and roast turkey are no longer on the menu.


Price increases and electricity charges have been spiralling out of control for months now, with many Dublin restaurants and cafés having to find ways to tackle them. Some have raised prices, others have decided to only open on certain days of the week. In the most extreme and unfortunate cases, some struggling businesses have had to close altogether.

However this Dublin spot have decided to make alterations to their menu as a way of combating the prices. Petit Café, based on Kildare Street across from The Oireachtas, put a notice up at the front of their café saying they were going to have to stop selling certain sandwiches, at least ones with meat.


The notice read as such:

"Due to unprecedented and relentless price increases of food and ingredients combined with the staggering rise in electricity charges and the ongoing skilled labour shortages we have been forced to stop selling the following sandwiches

Pulled Chicken

Pulled Pork 

Roasted Turkey" 

They finished their notice by saying,

"We regret having to take this step but it is unavoidable"


This isn't the first case of an Irish business removing meat from their menu due to costs. In July 2022, 5 Star accommodation Park Hotel in Kenmare were forced to remove steak from their menu as customers were complaining of its price.

Header image via Facebook/Petit Cafe Food co

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