7 Delicious And Unique Tipples You Need To Try In Dublin This Evening

The sun is shining - get out there

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Looking to be lead in the direction of the pints?

Look no further, my friends.

The sun is shining. The weekend is almost upon us. It's time for fun.

And if that fun includes alcohol, then have a gawk below for some drink-spiration. 

1. Ginger Beer, Bernard Shaw

Fresh, fizzy and superbly light, this delicious fruity drink hits all the right notes. Served in the trendy Bernard Shaw with bitters and various citrus fruits, you'll find yourself walking on air after just one. 

Also pairs incredibly with The Big Blue Bus pizzas. Night sorted. 

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2. Vodka and Wham Bar, Camden Exchange

Yep, you read right.

All of your Christmases have come at once with this deliciously sweet vodka and wham bar hybrid. Allow your inner child to meet your outer adult, and tuck in this weekend.

Available in the Camden Exchange, this is the after-work drink you have been waiting for.


4. White Choc Orange Nespresso Martini, Bow Lane

The most delicious array of treats you could ever have, all poured gracefully and expertly into one handy drinking vessel.

The staff at Bow Lane are the undisputed royal family of booze, and we are their humble subjects. 

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5. Nitro Milk Stout, Sin É

Pouring black with thin creamy head that maintains, this stout has a mild coffee aroma, with a sweet chocolate taste. 

This will change your perspective on stout, and is the perfect drink to swim into the evening with. Sin É, you've done it again.


6. Old Fashioned, Vintage Cocktail Club

Strong, flavoursome and full of the kick you so dearly want at the end of a hard week – the Old Fashioned at the Vintage Cocktail Club is the cocktail to end all cocktails.

Smooth as you like, the guys in here could make these with their eyes closed. And they'd still be good. 

7. Micil Poitín, The Liquor Rooms

The hills are alive with the sound of strong, pungent alcohol – and we're damn excited.

Micil Poitín is now being stocked in The Liquor Rooms and the poitín cocktails are only deadly. Tuck in to one of our nation's favourite tipples and find out why people are just so mad about it. 

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