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The City Centre Roof Top Beer Garden You (Probably) Never Knew Existed

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Did someone say pints?

Probably not, but it’s the weekend so we all know there’s only one thing on our minds. Lovely pints.

And what better place to have a drink in the city centre than a pub you probably pass every day, without having a notion that a glorious beer garden was waiting for you inside?

None, we hear you say and you’re absolutely right.

Behold, the best little roof top beer garden you (probably) never knew existed.

O Neills Beer Garden 2


Tucked away on the first floor of M.J. O’Neills pub on Suffolk Street (opposite the Molly Malone statue) is this small but mighty beer garden.

And while O’ Neills might seem very touristy, it’s a lovely Victorian pub that is well worth a visit even if you’re a jaded Dubliner.

Recently refurbished, the beer garden now has two sets of seats from the old Lansdowne Road Stadium which were used as Substitute Bench and Sin Bin respectively for both the home and away teams in all major Rugby and Football fixtures at the venue over many years.

Perfect for an afternoon of pints if we do say so ourselves.

We can almost smell the history. And the pints.

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