The Famous Bang Bang Brunch Burger Is Definitely Worth The Hype

Brunch has never tasted so good!

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Brunch has become so popular nowadays it's difficult to really notice a difference between menus. So it is a great, wonderful, delightful occasion when we come across a brunch option that really stands out from the rest. 

Bang Bang on Leinster Street in Phibsborough is one of the most popular brunch spots on the Northside, and we can see why. 

It's not just a coffee shop, it's also a deli, greengrocers and a vintage shop, so there is so much to see and do rather than just to sit and scroll through your phone while you eat. Its quirky design includes edgy artwork, vintage books, an old school desk (proper Instagrammable!)

Their pièce de résistance however, actually comes from their menu. Their brunch burger is what has got people talking. 

The brunch burger first came to light when Snapchatter James Kavanagh professed his undying love for this magical sandwich. Since then it has been a hot topic and we just had to try it to see what all the hype was about.

We can confirm, it's f*cking class. 

The burger is jammed with the best bits from an Irish fry up, black pudding, sausages, rashers and egg. It's then topped with cheese and lettuce and smothered in tasty mayo with Bang Bang's homemade relish. 

It's pure filth, in the best way possible.

It is one of the tastiest brunch dishes we have ever had and we will be dreaming about it every time we hear the word brunch.

Deffo has to be tried. 

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