The Official Opening Date For Ireland's First Krispy Kreme Has Just Been Announced

Who's driving out to Blanch?


Deep breaths people, deeeeeeep breaths. Get ready to gain on an easy 10kg by the end of the year 'cos it's just been announced that Ireland's first Krispy Kreme will open... *Drumroll please*... In October 2018 at a site adjacent to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre 

Yep, that's a mere seven months to go until Dubliners can get their greedy mitts on the cult doughnuts. 

The doughnut company, world-famous for its Original Glazed recipe, is on track to open the doors of its factory store, complete with drive-thru. All 16 varieties of Krispy Kreme’s handcrafted doughnuts will be available in share boxes and individually to be enjoyed either in-store or on the go with take-away and drive-thru options available 7 days per week. 

Kreme Shakes, tea, coffee and other refreshments will also be available in-store and to take away.

The first Irish Krispy Kreme outlet will be a Hot Light™ factory store, meaning guests will get to see the fresh doughnuts being created and cooked in-store daily. 

Oh, and you will also enjoy complimentary Original Glazed doughnuts when the Hot Light™ turns on!

Commenting on the announcement, Alex Drysdale, Ireland Country Director, Krispy Kreme, said:

“It is with great excitement that we today announce that the OG of doughnuts, Krispy Kreme Original Glazed, is coming to Ireland this October along with many other delicious flavours for Irish customers to enjoy. Our Blanchardstown build is under way and we will soon be announcing recruitment details for our Irish operation. We look forward to welcoming all our Irish fans, and those yet to have their first Krispy Kreme experience, through our doors and our drive-thru this October.”

We're drooling already. Hurry Krispy Kreme, hurry. 

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