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This Booze Free Drink Is Perfect For Gin Lovers Doing Dry January

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We all know January is a long month, but it feels really, really long this year.

Now, I’m undecided on whether this is down to it simply being January Blues OR the tiny fact that I’ve decided to do Dry January this month. I know, I know – not doing myself any favours, but one thing I have noticed is the unreal selection of booze-free alternatives this year.

About two weeks into the challenge, I got my hands on a few bottles of Noki & Co and was delighted to see an alternative for my fave drink. A low calorie, low carb, low sugar and booze-free gin and tonic alternative. Happy days!

I took them over to a friends house for a test-drive and we were all pleasantly surprised. As it’s made using distilled juniper berries, you get that fresh taste as you would with gin and the natural botanicals gives it a little nudge into G&T territory.

One thing, it does taste like you’ve just made a G&T with plenty of tonic, but this didn’t put me off. Throw in a few cucumber slices, a handful of ice and mix together in the all important GIANT gin glass and I’m a happy lady.

With just over a week to go in January, there are booze-free pubs opening up in the city and more alcohol-free versions of drinks popping up. It’s actually quite refreshing to see how people’s opinions of Dry January have changed.

If you fancy tasting Noki & Co’s alcohol-free premixed gin and tonic flavoured drink – and I highly recommend you do – it’s available now in selected Irish bars and restaurants. Oh! They also have a Dry January offer on right now – check it out here


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