WOWBURGER Will Be Staying Open Late For Hungry Pub-Goers This Festive Season

There's no burger like a 3am burger

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It's that time of year again. You'll be out on the piss more times this month than you have been in the last year - that's got to be rough on your little tummy.

The only thing to keep you going is that glorious meaty, indulgent meal you tuck into post-boozing.

Problem is, most of the good places outside of the city centre are closed at this time.

Well, WOW Burger in Ranelagh have sorted out the tipsy heads and hungry tummies for this festive season.

The sound team have extended their opening hours in the run up to Christmas and they'll be open as late as 3am on Fridays and Saturdays from December 7th-22nd.

Just for some foodie inspo, here's what you could sink your teeth into:


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You had me at hello #wowburger

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Or This

Or Even This

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Chilli con Fritas

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That's our next drunken meal sorted.

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