You Can Now Order Doggy Treats From Camile Thai, To Ease Your Burning Guilt

Their adorable reign of terror is at an end

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Ever order a takeaway, anticipate it eagerly for 40 minutes, immerse yourself in the smell when it arrives – then finally sit down to eat, only to have the experience RUINED by your dog who just WON'T STOP staring at you with THOSE BEAUTIFUL SAD EYES?

Yeah, you know what you're doing dogs.

You know damn well, you perfect, gorgeous, evil creatures.

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Stop that.

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Fortunately their reign of guilt-inducing, adorable terror is at an end, thanks to those clever folks at Camile Thai.

They've invented a cure to what they describe as 'starving puppy eye' syndrome, in the form of a 'Doggylicious' rice pudding, which you can order alongside your meal for just €2.95.





Visit the menu here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan