'I Don't Have A Gun And Am Not Belonging To Any Armed Gang Or Organisation'

People of Wicklow, take note


Well this is reassuring.

Every election brings out its share of, shall we say, 'alternative' candidates – and this one is no exception, as proven by this utterly insane leaflet.

Charlie Keddy has been standing in the Wicklow/East Carlow constituency (alongside his trusty beard as a running mate) for pretty much as long as anyone can remember.

And while most of his pamphlet comes straight out of the populist playbook – boo property taxes, boo Irish Water, boo the government – he does make one declaration that we find rather assuring.

Or terrifying.


'I don't have a gun and am not belonging to any armed gang or organisation'

You know.

Just in case you were wondering.


h/t Jessica Ryan

Written By

Aidan Coughlan