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29th Aug 2023

15 noise measuring systems have been installed at Dublin Airport

Katy Thornton

dublin airport noise measuring

A further eight will be installed by this time next year.

There are now 15 permanent noise measuring systems in community locations surrounding Dublin Airport, following a direction by the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority (ANCA) to DAA.

In November 2022, ANCA issued this direction to install and maintain permanent noise measuring systems in 23 community locations. The implementation was set to be phased, with no fewer than 15 of these systems to be installed before 24 August 2023, with the remaining eight to be operational by 24 August 2024.

The 15 locations now live on Webtrak are:

  1. Ashbourne                               
  2. Balcultry                               
  3. Bay Lane                               
  4. Bishopswood                               
  5. Coast Road, Portmarnock
  6. Donabate
  7. Dunboyne
  8. Feltrim
  9. Malahide Demesne
  10. Roundwood
  11. St. Davids
  12. St. Doolaghs
  13. St. Margaret’s
  14. Summerhill
  15. Swords

Data from these systems can be found on the Webtrak website.

dublin airport noise measuring

Header image via Fingal County Council


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