16 Women Reportedly Paying €445 Each For Bunk-Beds In Portobello

An investigation has been launched into the property

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It isn't news to anyone that the rental crisis in Dublin is forcing people to live in substandard accommodation and this latest example is pretty grim.

The Irish Times is reporting that 16 women have been paying up to €445 to share three bedrooms in a Portobello home, with each having access to a bunk bed and rationed showers throughout the week.

The newspaper alleges that the vacancies are advertised through the Gumtree website, with the live-in landlord leasing beds to female tenants.

It is estimated that the owner could be earning up to €6,000 a month from the arrangement, which is not breaching any tenancy legislation as he lives on the property.

Dublin City Council is now investigating the arrangement.

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