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19th Feb 2018

A Dublin Man’s Heartbreaking Search For His Lost Dog Has Gone Viral


Have you seen Buster? That’s what Twitter user is Jack White is asking the nation in his viral campaign to find his beloved Yorkshire Terrior who went missing last Thursday, February 15 at around 10am while he was out for a walk in Father Collins Park in Clongriffin.

The #FindBuster hashtag has gained thousands of retweets over the weekend after Jack posted on Twitter in an attempt to find Buster.

Buster was wearing a hi-vis vest when he went missing and although there have been reported possible sightings, he still has not been found. 

Jack says that there is a reward for the safe return of his little pup and other people have also offered to add money to the reward if Buster is found. 

In tweets that would break your heart, Jack writes that “In my mind’s eye I see his tears and hear him crying softly” and that Buster is all he has left in his life now. 

Have you seen him anywhere? Buster is a “dearly beloved family pet” who is microchipped and his distressed owner is pleading for anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Buster to contact 0868037831 or 0863754349.