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28th Aug 2017

Dublin Could Get A New Suburb With Plans For 8,000 Homes


With the housing crisis always a topic of conversation, it is believed that plans for a new suburb in West Dublin could be revealed in the coming weeks.

According to The Irish Examiner, 8,000 new homes are said to be proposed on the almost 300 hectares of land between Clonburris and Adamstown in Dublin (along the Dublin and Kildare railway line).

It is being reported that South Dublin County Council plans to give ‘special status’ to the land, which could home up to 24,000 people if given the green light.

The council owns just over a third of the land and is believed to have put together a housing plan that could alleviate some of the stress being caused by the current housing crisis in the country.

However, locals in the area are believed to have raised concerns about the added pressure that the new development could place on the road network – highlighting that is already heavily congested with traffic. 

Similar plans were put in place more than a decade ago for a property development on the site but this fell through when the Metro West rail-line plans were scrapped.

Do you think the new plans could be good for the area? 

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