Dublin Fire Brigade Issues Warning To Homeowners Over Common Fire Hazard

It is especially prevalent in these winter months

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Dublin Fire Brigade are warning homeowners to be aware of the very common type of fire hazard especially around these cold winter months.

There is a big increase in call-outs for chimney fires in winter and the fire brigade are warning people to be extra cautious.

They issued a warning on Twitter last night, writing, "It will come as no surprise that there is an increase in call outs to chimney fires in the winter months.

"Before you're tempted to use your fire or stove ask yourself when was the last time you had your chimney cleaned."

Dublin Fire Brigade dealt with a chimney fire over the weekend.

They also explained the difficulty they have when chimneys are not up to standard when trying to record their temperatures.

They said, "An example of challenges with non-standard chimneys and flues. Extra care is needed with them as soot deposits itself readily to the 45 degree angle.

"The 38C on the Thermal Image Camera refers to the heat on the outside of the block work, inside the flue would be a lot higher."

So if you haven't gotten your chimney cleaned in a while, it seems like now is the right time to do it.

header image: DublinFireBrigade/Twitter

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